August 2023

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Celery Seed Essential Oil

Celery Seed Essential Oil

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Common Name

Celery Seed Essential Oil


Apium graveolens seed oil


The Steam Distilled Essential oil of crushed Celery Seeds. Oil colour ranges from a pale Orange / Yellow to colourless. After harvesting, the freshly collected Celery sticks are sun-dried for a few hours to remove moisture from the plant. The seeds are then separated by threshing the dried sticks. These seeds are then crushed just before distillation to aid the release of the essential oil.




The Essential Oil has a strong Rich, Spicy, herbaceous, slightly 'fatty' odour, not the most pleasant smelling Oil either.


True Celery Seed Oil Distilled works well with other 'warming' oils like Ginger Root, Black Pepper Essential Oil and Coriander Seed Oil. The Ancient Greeks and Romans used Celery Seed in medicinal applications.


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