January 2024

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Amyris Essential Oil (W.I. Sandalwood Oil)

Amyris Essential Oil (W.I. Sandalwood Oil)

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Common Name

Amyris Pure Essential Oil  /  West Indian Sandalwood Oil 


Amyris Balsamifera Bark Oil


Steam-distillation and multiple rectification of the dried tree branches, tree trunks and roots.


Haiti, specifically the South East of the Island / Dominican Republic


Aromatic fresh slightly burnt woody odour, Amyris is a somewhat viscous oil to use/handle and is light Yellow to amber yellow in colour.


Amyris Wood is also referred to as 'Candlewood' (bois chandelle) because the wood burns for longer. Also known as West Indian Sandalwood, although Amyris is botanically speaking completely different from any Santalum species. Amyris is quite a labour-intensive Oil to produce and distill. Once the wood is cut and chopped, it has to be transported through an inhospitable landscape to the local distilleries. This harsh working environment is further compromised by seasonal cyclones which have decimated the Island on many occasions in the recent past.  The wood itself needs to be dried for anything from 1 - 3 years before it is eventually crushed and distilled. Even then, it needs multiple rectifications / redistilling before the desired quality is achieved and exported. Amyris Oil is one of the few Essential Oils to have no alleged allergens.

Relevant Constituents IFRA/IOFI 2017


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