November 2022

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Benzoin Mobile Oil 50% DPG

Benzoin Mobile Oil 50%

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Common Name

Benzoin Mobile Oil 50% DPG


Styrax Benzoin gum extract and Dipropylene Glycol


Gum from the trunk of the tree. Solvent extraction. Pourable.


Sumatra, Indonesia.


Balsamic, vanilla-like, woody sweet odour


Styrax Benzoin Gum Extract is a balsamic resin obtained from Benzoin, Styrax benzoin. Benzoin is not available as an Essential Oil. Our Benzoin is based on the original Benzoin resinoide blended 50/50 with Dipropylene Glycol to create a more mobile substance.  Even at this concentration, our product is quite thick and viscous and may need heating to make it pourable. If your Benzoin is liquid at room temperature, then it has a much higher content of diluent.      

Relevant Constituents IFRA/IOFI 2017

Benzoic acid
Cinnamic acid
Cinnamyl cinnamate
Benzyl benzoate

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