May 2024

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Melt & Pour Certified Organic

Melt & Pour Soap Base - Certified COSMOS Organic

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Common Name

Crystal OMP / COSMOS and Soil Association Certified Organic Melt and Pour Soap Base.

Transparency      Foaming      Sulfates      Parabens      Glycerine Content

    TRANSLUCENT              FANTASTIC               NO                         NO                                  HIGH

INCI Breakdown

Aqua 25-50%
Glycerin * 25-50%
Sodium Palmate ** 10-25%
Sucrose *** 10-25%
Sodium Cocoate ** 5-10%
Decyl Glucoside 1-5%
Sodium Chloride 1-5%
Citric Acid 0.1-0.5%
Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder *** 0.1-0.5%

* 15% of the glycerine is manufactured from certified organic oils
** Manufactured from certified organic oils
*** Certified organic material


Soil Association:

71.68% Organic Ingredients as sold

69.83% Organic dry weight of total product

6.75% Non-Organic weight of total product


66.14% Organic

26.82 % Org CPAI

55.16% CPAI

39.31% Organic PPAI


Crystal OMP is a Vegetable derived soap base that is certified organic to both the Soil Association and COSMOS standards.


Made in the U.K. by Stephenson


Our vegetable-based, melt and pour soap base manufactured by Stephenson known as CRYSTAL OMP, is certified organic by the COSMOS and the Soil Association. Do not confuse with CRYSTAL NCO which is not a certified Organic product, but is made using Organic Oils only. The Soapmakers Store are certified to sell and label this product as COSMOS Certified Organic by the Soil Association, and we are therefore allowed to use the S.A. / COSMOS logo on our product.

Contains no MPG or surfactants that are not approved by the certifying body. Has the natural light brown colour of the organic oils and organic sugar. Good for moisturising from a high glycerine content and aloe vera which provides a pleasant skin feel.   pH 9.5-10.5. Be sure to look for the COSMOS Logo on the product.

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