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Jasmine Absolute Blend in Jojoba Oil

Jasmine Absolute Blend

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Common Name

Jasmine Absolute Dilution in Certified Organic Golden Jojoba Oil


Simmondsia Chinensis, Jasminum grandiflorum flower extract


Jasmine Absolute is perfect in creams for combatting dry, irritated and sensitive skin. Or use for its superior fragrance in soaps, toiletries and perfumes. We have chosen Jojoba Oil for our dilutions as Jojoba Oil, being a liquid wax, will not go rancid like some other Base oils, and will extend the shelf-life of the dilution. Jojoba Oils chemical structure resembles sebum and the oil is rich in Vitamin E, protein and minerals. Jojoba Oil is the perfect carrier for Precious Oils and Absolutes.

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