May 2024

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Bamboo Powder Fine

Bamboo Fibres Fine Powder

£9.00 inc.VAT

£7.50 exc. VAT
In stock SKU: S02010

Common Name

Bamboo Fibres Powder Fine


 Bambusa vulgaris Stem Extract




Bamboo Fibres Powder is a micronised and standardised powder of Bamboo (Bambusa vulgaris) fibres. Maximum particle size is 200 micron. The Particle size distribution indicates up to 65% is less than 32 micron, less than 95% of the product is under 100 micron, with 100% under 200 micron.

Suggestions for Use

Excellent for use in soaps and quality cosmetic products. Can be used as an ultra mild abrasive which gently remove rough and dead skin leaving a smooth finish with a satin feel to glowing skin. Our Bamboo Powder can be used in Melt and Pour Soaps, Cold Process Soaps, Exfoliating Base products, Facial scrub products, and Face masks. Bamboo Powder can be used in concentrations of 5 - 10% for maximum effect. Add to the water phase in emulsions.

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