January 2024

New Products this month:- New from Alchemy Ingredients: Micromulse LB, Micromulse Foam, Clearthix S, Sclerothix and Instathix. Also, Zinc Ricinoleate plus an Environmentally Friendly version of Candelilla Wax now back on stock

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Spot Light Products

Sucragel® CF is an all-purpose oil gelling agent based on sugar chemistry. Perfect for cosmetic formulations, such as transparent gel-to-milk products. Supplied as an easy-to-use liquid.

Sucragel® XL  is a complete natural oil thickening agent. Optimised to provide a simple process for formulators with no need for additional stabilising agents; ideal for reduced processing times and cold process formulations.

Sucragel® AOF creates thick, rich gels for vegetable oil based cosmetic formulations, such as transparent gel-to-milk products. Supplied as an easy-to-use liquid.

Sucragel® AOF BIO is an organically certified oil gelling agent and emulsifier for vegetable oil based cosmetic formulations that can achieve 98% organic status.

Sucragel® AP V2 offers a simple and cost effective emulsifier and oil gelling solution for any type of oil.

Sucrablend SP V2 is an ingredient used in conjunction with Sucragel® to improve the high temperature stability of oily gels.

Sapogel® Q is a completely natural solution to gelling oils and butters to make rich smooth balm textures.

Micromulse® LB is a 100% natural origin ingredient, it provides formulators with a quick and easy way to make transparent liquid Micellar Oils that are easily rinsed away.

Micromulse® Foam is based on amino acid surfactants. A natural alternative to synthetic foaming agents, this mild surfactant blend creates wonderful soft, foaming textures when combined with oil.

Instathix® is a concentrated natural powder blend of emulsifiers, stabilisers and texture modifiers to make Oil-in-Gel Emulsions with a small oil droplet size.

Sclerothix®  is a 100% natural water thickener which makes transparent, rich, smooth gels suitable for a variety of uses including suspending particles and thickening some surfactant systems. It can be used on its own or as part of an emulsion or surfactant formula.

Clearthix® S is a natural viscosity modifier for water based systems. This synergistic mixture of natural gums produces a smooth, transparent gel that can be used on its own or in an emulsion.