November 2022

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Camelina Seed Oil Expressed Certified Organic

Camelina Seed Oil Expressed Certified Organic
Certified Organic by the Soil Association

This product is certified organic by the Soil Association

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Common Name

Camelina Seed Oil Expressed Certified Organic / Gold of Pleasure / Wild Flax / German Sesame


Camelina sativa (seed) Oil




Camelina Seeds are mechanically pressed to yield a Golden Yellow to Pale Yellow Vegetable Oil with a slightly nutty odour. The Camelina plant has beautiful Golden Yellow flowers and is grown as a rotation crop in the South of Germany along with Lentils or Peas. Also referred to as 'Gold of Pleasure' Oil.


Certified Organic Camelina Seed Oil is rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids (C18:3 a-linoleic Acid) to about 40%. The Linolic Acid content is around 14 - 20% making it a very interesting oil. It also has a longer than usual shelf life due to naturally occurring concentration of Tocopherols at circa 100mg per 100grams. Organic Camelina Seed Oil can be used in Facial Serums as it is packed with antioxidants.