August 2023

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Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil

Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil

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Common Name

Cedarwood Atlas Pure Essential Oil


Cedrus Atlantica Bark Oil


Steam-distillation from the wood shavings and sawdust sourced via local Moroccan sawmills. Atlas Cedarwood trees are protected by Moroccan Royal Warrent, so no trees are deliberately felled solely for the production of Essential oil. The sawdust and wood chippings are collected from the furniture factories and used in the distillation process. We source our Atlas Cedarwood Essential Oil direct from the distiller in Morocco.


Atlas Mountains of Morocco. This Oil is only available from Morocco and nowhere else.


True Atlas Cedarwood Essential Oil is pale Yellow to Golden Yellow in colour and has a warm woody odour.


True and Genuine Cedrus Atlantica Wood Oil is rich in Himachelenes, namely α-himachalene (7–16%), γ-himachalene (5–8%), β-himachalene (20–40%) along with (E)-α-atlantone (5–30%). Unfortunately, the cheaper Himalayan Cedarwood Oil is often sold as Atlas Cedarwood, but the constituents quickly determine the difference on GC/MS. We have visited our supplier in Morocco to see the production process first hand from the collection of raw material at the furniture factories through to the distillation of the Essential Oil.


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