Coconut Wax 3445

Coconut Wax 3445

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Common name

Coconut Wax


Glycerides, C8-18 and C18 unsaturated trialkyl glyceride


Produced by pressing the Oil out of the Coconut meat and by process of filtering and cleaning, you are left with the 100% Natural and Biodegradable Coconut Wax, which is a clear White when solid. Coconut wax is of natural origin, which is a light and non-greasy moisturising emollient with a melting point of 40 - 45ºC


Produced in USA


Slight nutty odour


Coconut Wax can be added to other waxes like Beeswax, Rape Seed, and Soy to make quality Candles that are all natural. Coconut Wax burns cleanly and slowly, has excellent fragrance retention ( 8-12% on average) with good glass adhesion and of course, it is totally biodegradeable. This Coconut Wax can also be used in Massage Waxes or most other Cosmetic applications like Body Butters, Skin Creams, Facial Butters and Balms. Although Coconut Wax costs more than the cheaper Paraffin Wax, Coconut is more environmentally friendly and is Petrochemical free, being a totally natural Wax.

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