May 2024

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Sucragel® AP V2

Sucragel® AP V2

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Common Name

Sucragel® AP V2 Gel is Manufactured in the UK


Glycerin, Aqua & Sucrose Laurate


Sucragel® AP V2  is based on Sucrose Laurate, a Sugar Ester which is made by combining sucrose with a fatty acid via esterfication. It is a 100% natural, COSMOS approved emulsifier and oil thickener.




Sucragel® AP V2 is a natural liquid emulsifier of Vegetable origin for use in a range of products which are safe and mild to the skin. It thickens any non-polar lipophilic substance at room temperature and is a natural dispersant for lipophilic substances. Sucrose Ester Gel AP V2 is a natural liquid emulsifier and oil thickening agent. It can be used to gel most non-polar oily materials with a usage level of about 10-15% to create an oily gel, adding the oil phase into the Sucragel® AP V2 under vigorous stirring. The oily gel can be washed off very easily because as soon as the water is added it emulsifies into a milky liquid.

Sucragel® AP V2 is an oil-free Sucrose Ester Gel so has a lower usage level and is more cost-effective compared to Sucragel® AOF. Sucragel® AP V2 can be used to disperse oily actives, fragrances and dyes into water. By stirring in a small amount (2-5%) of Sucragel® AP V2 into the lipophilic active (0.1-0.5%) and then stirring in the water phase the oily ingredient will readily disperse.

• Cleansers
• Make-up remover
• Spa products (masks, scrubs, massage gels)
• Creams and lotions
• Haircare
• Suncare
• Baby products

• 10-15% to create an oily gel
• 2-5% as an oil-in-water emulsifier
• The formulation must remain between pH 4-8 at all times
• Can be used either at room temperature or at temperatures up to 80ºC
• Shake/stir the Sucrose Ester Gel AP V2 well before use.

• Biodegradable
• Preservative-free
• Easy to use liquid
• To be used at room temperature or at temperatures to 80ºC
• Hydrating/moisturising properties
• Mild & safe to the skin

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