May 2024

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Olivem 900

Olivem 900

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Common Name

Olivem 900


Sorbitan Olivate


Olivem 900 by Hallstar is a Peg-free low HLB emulsifier, co-emulsifier in W/S formulation, structuring agent for colour cosmetics, and dispersing agent. It is a non-ionic, not ethoxylated emulsifying system derived from olive oil for W/O creams and lotions.




Olivem 900 is designed to improve the dispersion of powders in decorative formulations and of inorganic UV thinning agents in sun care formulations, and contribute to waterproofing by improving the resistance to washing off.


  • Biodegradable
  • COSMOS Approved
  • Emulsifying Agent (O/W)
  • Moisturizing Agent
  • Plant Derived / Vegetable Based

The recommended use levels for Olivem 900 are:-

5 – 7.5% in w/o emulsions and foundations as the sole emulsifier.

1 – 10% as a powder dispersant or lipogel agent.

1 – 3% as a functional lipid.

1 – 2% as an o/w co-emulsifier.

2 – 3% as a w/o or w/s co-emulsifier.


After Sun Skin Care - Daily Wear Sun Care - Eye Area Color Cosmetics - Facial Cleansers - Facial Color Cosmetics - Facial Skin Care - Hair Conditioners - Hand & Body Care - Nail Care - Self-Tanners



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