April 2023

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Common Name

BTMC-25  / Behenyl TMC-25  


Cetearyl Alcohol (and) Behentrimonium Chloride


BTMC-25 is a C22 quaternary conditioning agent and self emulsifier whose long carbon chain length gives the material exceptional mildness. While it imparts the conditioning properties and softening effects well-known to quaternary ammonium compounds, BTMC-25 also forms mild cationic emulsions that are gentle on the skin, lending it applications in skincare, as well as hair care.




BTMC is a powerful primary emulsifier and can produce stable cationic emulsions even at low inclusion levels.  When used as the only oil phase ingredient and emulsifier in low solids formulations, it facilitates the production of stable cost-effective emulsions without compromising performance standards. In addition, BTMC can emulsify high levels of silicone eg dimethicone, cyclomethicone, materials which can be difficult to incorporate into emulsion systems. Silicones are typically used in hair conditioning products for their hydrophobicity, as restoring the hair's water repellency after chemical treatments (perming, colouring, relaxing) is an important part of the conditioning process.  Protective silicone skin creams also function on this basis.  By incorporating BTMC into silicone systems a pronounced conditioning effect is obtained, enhancing both product performance as well as aesthetics.


Substantive to hair and skin
Confers excellent wet combability
Outstanding conditioning agent
Improved mildness / reduced irritation potential
Primary emulsifier
Thickening agent/stabiliser
Emulsifies high levels of silicone
Vegetable derived
Easy to handle pastille form

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