May 2024

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Benzoin Gum Raw

Benzoin Gum Raw

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Common Name

Benzoin Gum Lumps


Styrax Benzoin Gum


Indonesia / Singapore


Styrax Benzoin Gum Raw is a balsamic crude resin obtained from the bark of the Benzoin tree, Styrax benzoin

Suggestions for Use

Use as an incense on its own or mix with other gums like frankincense to give a richer long lasting rich fragrance. Benzoin first came to the UK in the late 1500's where it was initially used in dry perfumery products. Eventually is was discovered by the Medical profession and was burned to relieve Bronchitis and respitory ailments. If you are looking for an additive to soap please refer to our Benzoin Mobile in the Essential Oil section. Benzoin Mobile also acts as a natural preservative, anti-oxidant, and as a fragrance fixative.

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