May 2024

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Corn Starch Certified Organic

Corn Starch Certified Organic


In stock SKU: S03855

Common Name

Corn Starch Powder Certified Organic  /  Maize Starch  /  Cornflower / Gluten Free Organic Maize Flour


Zea Mays Starch


United Kingdom / Belgium


Corn Starch Powder Certified Organic is pale yellow in colour with a fine texture and non-nano. This product is also Gluten Free.

Suggestions for Use

Corn Starch adds extra bulk to a batch of soap and works as an exfoliant for greasy skin. Add up to 30 grams per 1 kilo of soap base. It is viewed as a healthier and more natural alternative to Talc, especially in Baby Care products. Corn Starch is increasingly used as an oil absorber in Dry Shampoos and it leaves a somewhat silky feel afterwards. Small quantities are used in the manufacture of Bath Bombs. Our Corn Starch is also certified Organic by the Soil Association so no issues with Genetically Modified ingredients used in the manufacturing process.

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