August 2023

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Menthol Crystals Natural

Menthol Crystals Natural

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Common Name

Menthol Crystals Natural USP




Menthol crystals are available in a number of qualities like B.P. / U.S.P. / J.P. and E.P.  Menthol Crystals are produced through Mentha Arvensis Essential Oil extraction. Usually, Menthol Crystals are created by chilling Mentha Arvensis Distilled Essential Oil at minus 22c which yields these long thin shiny crystal strips with a pungent minty / camphorous odour.


India / China


You can add Menthol Crystals to Soap but be sure the product has completely melted and dissolved in the Oil base before adding. They will dissolve in the liquid Coconut Oil or in the Essential Oils before you add to the Soap mix. You only need to use a little as the odour is quite strong and minty. Menthol Crystals can be used in Balms, Cooling Gels, and Footcare products. The 'cooling effect' of Menthol in Shaving products especially Gels and Balms.

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