May 2024

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Benzyl Alcohol | Preservative

Benzyl Alcohol | Preservative

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Common Name

Benzyl Alcohol | Paraben free


Benzyl Alcohol


Benzyl Alcohol is a colourless mobile liquid and is moderately soluble in water up to about 4%. Manufacturer advises heating to 40ºC to accelerate blending in products with a high water content, such as Floral Waters, Linen Sprays, and Room Fragrance Spritzers.




Benzyl Alcohol has a broad-spectrum activity against Fungi and Bacteria, and is reported to reduce oxidation in certain products. It can also act as a solvent to aid dissolving other ingredients in formulations.

Benzyl Alcohol does occur naturally in many Essential Oils and Absolutes like Ylang Ylang and Jasmin Absolute, this Benzyl Alcohol a pure manufactured grade so will not impart any floral characteristic to the formulation.

Benzyl Alcohol has an effective pH range of 3.0 - 9.0. Recommended concentrations for Leave-on & Rinse-off are 0.8 -1.0% (EU Cosmetic Reg Max 1.0%)


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