August 2023

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Linden Blossom Hydrolat Organic

Linden Blossom Hydrolat Organic

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Common Name

Linden Blossom Hydrolat Organic


Tilia cordada flower water


Steam-distillation of the freshly harvested aerial Linden Blossoms. The Hydrolat is the genuine by-product after the Essential Oil has been separated.


France / Bulgaria


Very subtle Floral herby odour


Pure Linden Blossom Hydrolat can be used neat as a spritzer or blended with Rose Otto Hydrolat, Camomile Roman Hydrolat or Orange Flower Hydrolat to create a natural toner and cleanser. Our Linden Blossom Hydrolat is a by-product of steam distillation and does not have any synthetic fragrance, preservatives or emulsifying ingredients added. Linden Blossom Hydrolat should not be compared to man-made Floral Waters or Toilet Waters.

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