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Marula Seed Oil Expressed

Marula Seed Oil Expressed

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Common Name

Marula Seed Oil Expressed


Sclerocarya birrea seed oil


 Mozambique / Namibia / Zimbabwe / South Africa / Botswana


It is believed that the generic name (Sclerocarya) is taken from the Greek for hard (skleros) and nut (karyon). The Gold Yellow coloured Oil is expressed from the sundried nuts from the Yellow fruit of the Marula Tree which are available from December through to April. Marula Seed oil is rich in oleic acid which gives a very good oxidative stability, so anti-ageing products are an ideal application. Marula Seed oil is also highly moisturising for the skin and hair and is easily absorbed. The fruits are used to make marula beer and a Liqueur called Amarula. In South Africa, the tree is protected by law so it is a common sight to see a free-standing tree in a cultivated field. Traditional marriages take place under a Marula Fruit Tree as it is considered a symbol of fertility and a good omen.


Marula Seed Oil is rich in Omega 6 and Omega 9 so popular in anti-ageing products and sun care products as well as Nail Care, Acne treatment creams, and reducing inflammation of the skin. Our Marula Oil Expressed is now approved by COSMOS and ECOCERT for use in Certified Organic products. Research has indicated that Marula Oil contains 4 times the Vitamin C content of Oranges.


Chemical and physical properties Min Max Unit
density 0,90 0,93         g/ml
iodine value 60 80  
saponification 185 200      mg KOH/g
fatty acid spectrum      
palmitic acid C16 9 16           %
stearic acid C18 5 11           %
oleic acid C18:1 65 80           %
linoleic acid C18:2 4,0 15           %
alpha-linoleic acid C18:3   <5

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