April 2023

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Spirulina Powder

Spirulina Powder Certified Organic
Spirulina Powder Certified Organic Certified Organic by the Soil Association

This product is certified organic by the Soil Association


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Common Name

Spirulina Algae Powder Certified Organic  /  Blue Green-Algae  /  Algues Bleu-Vert


Spirulina platensis




Spirulina Powder is a Blue / Green algae that grows in pristine Lakes, Ponds and Rivers. It is a well documented modern-day superfood due to its high concentration of carotenoids. It is a dark Green powder rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B12, plus various Minerals and Fatty Acids.

Suggestions for Use

Spirulina can be used as a natural colourant in soap making, for light to dark green. Very popular in face masks and skin regenerating creams as one of the constituents TYROSINE which is known to slow down the aging of skin cells.

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