May 2024

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Charcoal Powder Activated

Charcoal Powder | Coconut Shell derived

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Common Name

Charcoal Fine Powder Activated BPC 1934


Charcoal Activated Medicinal

Country of Origin



Charcoal powder is a black carbonaceous material obtained from the heating of Coconut shells. There is a cheaper Charcoal on the market made from Willow but it is not as absorbant as the Charcoal made from Coconut shells. We offer 2 different qualities of Charcoal Powder, both sourced from Coconut Shells, but this particular quality is sourced from the UK's only Licenced Charcoal manufacturer specifically for medicinal products.

Suggestions for Use

Natural Colourant - adds a gorgeous dark Black colour to soap. This activated charcoal is sourced from coconut husks. This is an environmentally friendly product, as the Husks are a by-product / waste so no trees or Coconuts are processed specifically for this ingredient. Activated Charcoal produced from Coconut shells has a greater absorbancy than the commonly substituted Willow charcoal. Added to our Aloe Vera Gel, coconut activated charcoal makes a great poultice for problem skin.

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