May 2024

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Ultramarine Violet

Ultramarine Violet Pigment Powder

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£3.50 exc. VAT
In stock SKU: S15970

Common Name

Ultramarine Violet Pigment Powder - COSMOS & ECOCERT approved - Vegan Friendly


Ultramarines / CI77007

Colour Index


Country of Manufacture


Suggestions for Use

Part of a New Line of Purified Mineral and Organic pigments, specifically developed to meet the current and anticipate future requirements of the cosmetic industry, with superior chroma (colour purity) and outstanding reproducible dispersibility with no aggregates above 5 microns. All items in this range have very low levels of impurities, well below what is required by the major existing color regulations plus BaSO4 & Rosin Free. Not stable in acid conditions.

Use in lotions, soap, eye make-up, foundations, and salts. Concentrations listed below are for guidance purposes only. Please always make a pilot batch first and consult with your Cosmetic Chemist before full-scale manufacture.



Face make-up

0.1 - 10%

Eye make-up

0.1 - 20%

Nail varnish

0.1 - 5%


0.1 - 2%

Tooth paste

0.1 - 3%

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