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Cera Bellina Wax

Cera Bellina Wax

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Common Name

Cera Bellina Wax


Polyglycerol-3 Beeswax


 Cera Bellina is a polar beeswax derivative in which the free fatty acids of beeswax have been converted to polyglycerol esters. Cera Bellina Wax produced in EU tends to be in granular / Powder form, whereas the U.S. material tends to be in pellet form.


U.S.A. / Netherlands


Slight wax like odour.


Elimination of the free fatty acids results in improved oil retention and oil gelling properties and to improve compatibility with other cosmetic ingredients. Cera Bellina has the unique ability to form stable non-granular gels with most natural and synthetic oils. Its crystallisation inhibiting properties and tendency towards formation of liquid-crystalline like structures improve stability, rheology, structure, homogeneity and texture of many cosmetic products. Products with Cera Bellina show superb stability, with a smooth and silky feel. Use at 1.0 - 2.5% in Emulsions and up to 20% in Lip Balms.

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