Preservative DS 1388 ECO

Preservative DS 1388 eco

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Common Name

Preservative DS1388 eco/ Plantaserve C


Glycerin, Aqua, Sodium Levulinate, Sodium Anisate


A blend of plant-derived organic acids with broad antimicrobial activity via Proprietary method known only to Manufacturer. Dermosoft® 1388 eco is colourless to pale yellow liquid and the recommended dosage is 3% - 4%.




Preservative DS1388 eco is a clear colourless to a light yellow liquid product with a pH range of 5.0 to an absolute maximum of 5.5. It is effective against bacteria and Mould but not Yeasts. You can add a small percentage of Potassium Sorbate Powder to achieve this. However, if you wish to maintain the Preservative free status you need to use Glyceryl Caprylate. Dermosoft® 1388 eco is also a COSMOS certified ingredient.  This is a PALM FREE ingredient.

Dermosoft 1388 eco v Dermorganics 1388 explained

Dermorganics 1388 contains Organic Glycerin and holds COSMOS Organic certification. Dermosoft 1388 eco is entirely naturally derived but the glycerin is not organic. This grade holds COSMOS approval. Finally Dermosoft 1388 contains synthetically derived sodium anisate and non-organic glycerin so is therefore not compliant with the Cosmos standard. All of the 1388 grades have the exact same INCI breakdown, the difference is in the level of certification you need to achieve for your end product.