August 2023

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Labdanum Hydrolat Certified Organic

Labdanum Hydrolat Certified Organic

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Common Name

Labdanum Cistus Hydrolat Certified organic / Cistus Hydrolat Organic / Rock Rose Hydrolat Organic / Cistus Hydrosol


Aqua, Cistus ladaniferus


Steam-distillation of the freshly picked and harvested Cistus Labdanum Flowering plant.


Spain / Portugal / Morocco


Mild Sweet Floral Rose like odour


Certified Organic by the Soil Association, our Labdanum Cistus Hydrolat can be used neat as a spritzer or blended with Certified Organic Rose Otto Hydrolat to create a natural toner and cleanser. Our Certified Organic Cistus Labdanum Hydrolat is produced in Spain and Portugal and does not have any synthetic fragrance, preservatives or emulsifying ingredients added. Our Certified Organic Cistus Labdanum Hydrolat should not be compared to man-made Floral Waters or Toilet Waters. This Hydrolat is perfect for mature skincare products.

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