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Common Name: Marigold. INCI Name: Calendula Officinalis. Origin: Egypt. Description: Bright yellow and orange 15 - 25 mm long petals.Suggestions for Use: Looks beautiful with rose petals and lemon verbena leaves in pot pourri. Marigold petals have excellent toning properties, when used in bath bags or facial steams. When added to soap the petals keep their wonderful colour. You can also use them as decoration in Bath salts products. ..........
Common Name: Chamomile Flowers INCI Name: Chamomilla Recitita.Origin: EgyptDescription: Dried flower heads.Suggestions for Use: Chamomile is commonly recognised for for its soothing properties for both mind and body. Use these lovely flowerheads in pot pourri for their calming aroma or make a relaxing bath bags by mixing with lavender flowers in a muslin bag.
Common Name: Heather Flowers Pink. INCI Name: Calluna Vulgaris. Origin: Czech Republic. Description: Small round violet buds with green parts, and with a delicate scent. Suggestions for Use: Soap, Pot Pourri, bath bags. Suitable for Vegetarian, Vegan and Kosher applications. Wih a particle size of 2mm, you will find a little goes a very long way. ......
Common Name: Jasmine Petals. INCI Name: Jasminum Officinalis. Origin: India. Description: Aromatic, creamy white petals.Suggestions for Use: Use in a bath bag or pot pourri for their lovely fragrance.Due to concerns about trace Pesticide contamination, these flowers must only be used for decorative purposes, and NEVER used for food products, or infused Tea's. .....
Common Name: Lavender BudsINCI Name: Lavandula AngustifoliaOrigin: FranceDescription: Blue/Grey tiny, aromatic buds.Suggestions for Use: These wonderfully aromatic buds are ideal for use in pot pourri and linen sachets or use in bath bags for a nice, relaxing bath.
Common Name: Orange FlowersDescription: Pale orange petals.Suggestions for use: Pot Pourri
Common Name: Rose BudsINCI Name: Rosa GallicaOrigin: IranDescription: 10-12mm buds with the green base and pink tips of closed petals, with characteristic rose aroma.Suggestions for Use: Looks beautiful in pot pourri or for any sort of decoration.
Common Name: Rose PetalsINCI Name: Rosa GallicaOrigin: IndiaDescription: Aromatic dark red/burgundy dried petals.Suggestions for Use: Use these wonderfully fragrant petals in pot pourri or bath bags.
Common Name: Safflower PetalsINCI Name: Carthamus TinctoriusOrigin: ChinaDescription: Dark red/orange dried petals.Suggestions for Use: Use these beautiful petals to add a splash of colour to pot pourri or bath salts. Infuse in oil for the most beautiful delicate red colouring.
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04181 Calendula / Marigold Petals
04156 Chamomile Flowers
04219 Heather Flowers Pink
04173 Jasmine Flowers
04175 Lavender Flowers
04187 Orange Flower Petals
04210 Pink Rose Buds
04195 Red Rose Petals
04216 Safflower Petals


New in from Stephensons, we now stock the following in addition to our existing range:- Melt and Pour RSPO Palm and Melt and Pour Jelly Soap.


Now on stock and Certified Organic by the Soil Association,Certified Organic Cold Emulsifier is based on Sweet Almond Oil and is recommended for use with vegetable oils to obtain clear oily gels. It can also be used to make milks, lotions and creams by adding an oil phase followed by a water phase. The advantages of Certified Organic AOF are:-

  • Vegetable origin
  • Easy to use
  • Safe and mild
  • Cold process
  • Preservative free
  • Unique textures
  • 94% Organic version available
  • Emulsifier and oil thickener

We also stock Sucragel AOF conventional and Sucragel AP


In addition to our Monoi de Tahiti Gardenia, We now have Monoi de Tahiti Coconut, Monoi de Tahiti Ylang, and Monoi de Tahiti Frangipani, and Monoi de Tahiti Vanilla available from stock. All imported direct from the manufacturer in Tahiti.

CETEARYL GLUCOSIDE (NATURAL EMULSIFYING WAX) This corn and coconut derived NATURAL emulsifier is produced using ecologically-friendly principles, without the use of chemicals or solvents.
It helps bind moisturisers together and maintain their consistency.



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