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Common Name: Sodium Hydroxide / Caustic Soda Pearl. INCI Name: Sodium Hydroxide. Description: White to off-white/greyish-white granules. One of the Key Ingredients in Cold process Soapmaking along with Coconut Oil SOlid and RSPO Palm Oil. This product is highly corrosive and classified as Dangerous Goods for shipping purposes. Please check with us before ordering for shipment to Europe. It is important you follow the label instructions and wear suitable cloting and protection before use. Never use this product in the presence of Children. We will send an MSDS along with the product, so please read it very carefully before you open the container. Always add the Caustic Soda to water, not the other way around. Be sure to work in a well ventilated room, use goggles and suitable gloves, and wear long sleeves for extra protection. By adding this Hazardous Item to your cart. You agree to the following: I fully understand that the material I am purchasing is considered Hazardous and could cause bodily harm. and assume all responsibility for its safe use and proper storage.
Common Name: Cera Bellina Flakes. INCI  Polyglycerol-3 Beeswax. Cera Bellina is a polar beeswax derivative in which the free fatty acids of beeswax have been converted to polyglycerol esters. Ideal for use in oil-in-water and water-in-oil emulsions. Elimination of the free fatty acids results in improved oil retention and oil gelling properties and to improved compatibility with cosmetic ingredients. Cera Bellina has the unique ability to form stable non-granular gels with most natural and synthetic oils.Its crystallisation inhibiting properties and tendency towards formation of liquid-crystalline like structures improve stability, rheology, structure, homogeneity and texture of many cosmetic products. Products with Cera Bellina show superb stability, smooth silky.
Common Name: Cetyl Alcohol Flakes - INCI Name: Cetyl Alcohol - Description: White to off-white flakes - Suggestions for use: Used at 1% in creams and lotions Cetyl Alcohol will give stability and body, enhance the texture and improve the feel of your products. Use as a thickener, emulsifier or emollient in concentrations from 1 - 25% in conjunction with Emulsifying Wax.   Our Cetyl Alcohol is vegetable derived, and not from petroleum. ......
Common Name: Citric Acid. INCI Name: Citric Acid. Description: White powder. Suggestions for use: Use in bath salts or blended with Sodium Bicarbonate makes excellent fizzy bath bombs. Citric Acid is also useful for adjusting the pH-level in cosmetics like Gel bases and Lotion Bases. Citric Acid has many domestic uses and is used to removed limescale from kettles and boilers. ...
Common Name: Corn StarchINCI Name: Zea Mays StarchSuggestions for Use: Corn Starch adds extra bulk to a batch of soap and works as an exfoliant for greasy skin. Add 15grams per 450grams of soap. It is viewed as healthier, more natural alternative to talc. Our Corn Starch is also certified Organic by the Soil Association so no issues with Genetically Modified ingredients used in the manufacturing process.
INCI name : Glycerin CTFA name : Glycerin CAS number : 56-81-5 EINECS number : 200-289-5. We can now offer Soil Association certified Organic Glycerine which is Palm Free. Sourced from organic Indian Karanja nut oil.
The Karanja tree can be found throughout the Indian Subcontinent and can grow at altitudes north of 1000 Metres.
Common Name: GlycerineINCI Name: GlycerinOrigin: Malaysia - PhilippinesDescription: Clear colourless vegetable based liquid. Suggestions for Use: Use in soaps, lotions and creams to increase moisturizing qualities. ...
Naticide is a combination of natural aromatic materials formulated according to IFRA recommendations with claims for broad spectrum preservative action against Bacteria Gram-positive, Bacteria Gram-negative, moulds and yeasts. Perfect for use in 'Preservative Free' formulations. It is a natural fragrance of vegetable origin, partly water soluble and has a light sweet odour with vanilla and almond notes.Can be ingredient listed for IFRA purposes as Parfum. Suggested dosage from 0.3% to 1% depending on the type of formulation. Naticide works better between a range of pH 4 and 9. In order to obtain a complete dispersion, add Naticide under vigourous stirring. Regarding emulsions, divide amount of Naticide® among the idrophylic and lipophylic phase
Common Name: Sodium Bicarbonate, Baking Soda. INCI Name: Sodium Bicarbonate. -Description: White powder. Suggestions for Use: Use with citric acid in bath bombs. Sodium Bicarbonate has many household uses, ranging from deodorising your fridge or carpet, and mixed with Lemon juice can be an excellen degreaser. For larger quantities contact us for current price ... ...........
Common Name: Stearic Acids Flakes Vegetable derived.INCI Name: Stearic Acid. Description: White to cream beads / flakes. Suggestions for Use: Use in soap making to harden soaps and Candles to harden the wax pillar. Use up to about 5% in creams and lotions to thicken and bind. .....
Sucragel AOF BIO - Soil Association Certified Organic Cold Emulsifier. Country of origin France INCI (Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) oil & Glycerine & Aqua & Sucrose Laurate.Now on stock and Certified Organic by the Soil Association,Certified Organic Sucragel AOF BIO is based on Sucrose Laurate, which is a Sugar Ester. It can also be used to make Bath milks, lotions and creams.Now available made with 94% certified Organic ingredients.The advantages of Certified Organic Cold Emulsifier are:- Vegetable origin  Easy to use - Safe and mild - Cold processed Preservative free - Unique textures  -  Emulsifier and oil thickener. Not to be confused with Sucragel CF which is a cheaper Coconut based product, and is not certified Organic.    ......
Common Name: Pure Vitamin E  Description: Red to Brown viscous liquid.Suggestions for use: Use at 0.1 - 0.2% as an anti-oxidant in oil based products or as part of the oil-phase in emulsions. This Anti-oxidant helps to protect the skin against UV damage.
Common Name: Xanthan GumINCI Name: Xanthan GumDescription: Xanthan Gum is natural thickener. Use in low concentrations to thicken gels, creams and lotions. Xanthan is a natural gum produced by the fermentation of sugar with friendly bacteria. The bacterium used is Xanthomonas campestris, hence the name xanthan gum. Because bacteria produce the gum, xanthan is known as a biogum... .......
Code Product Size and Price MSDS Qty Buy Price
10316 Caustic Soda (Sodium Hydroxide)
10305 Cera Bellina Wax
10306 Cetyl Alcohol Flakes
10307 Citric Acid BP
10308 Corn Starch Certified Organic
10301 Glycerine Organic Palm Free
10309 Glycerine Vegetable Derived
10314 Naticide - Natural Preservative
10313 Sodium Bicarbonate
10315 Stearic Acid (Vegetable)
10304 Sucragel AOF Certified Organic
10317 Vitamin E Pure
10319 Xanthan Gum Powder


New in from Stephensons, we now stock the following in addition to our existing range:- Melt and Pour RSPO Palm and Melt and Pour Jelly Soap.


Now on stock and Certified Organic by the Soil Association,Certified Organic Cold Emulsifier is based on Sweet Almond Oil and is recommended for use with vegetable oils to obtain clear oily gels. It can also be used to make milks, lotions and creams by adding an oil phase followed by a water phase. The advantages of Certified Organic AOF are:-

  • Vegetable origin
  • Easy to use
  • Safe and mild
  • Cold process
  • Preservative free
  • Unique textures
  • 94% Organic version available
  • Emulsifier and oil thickener

We also stock Sucragel AOF conventional and Sucragel AP


In addition to our Monoi de Tahiti Gardenia, We now have Monoi de Tahiti Coconut, Monoi de Tahiti Ylang, and Monoi de Tahiti Frangipani, and Monoi de Tahiti Vanilla available from stock. All imported direct from the manufacturer in Tahiti.

CETEARYL GLUCOSIDE (NATURAL EMULSIFYING WAX) This corn and coconut derived NATURAL emulsifier is produced using ecologically-friendly principles, without the use of chemicals or solvents.
It helps bind moisturisers together and maintain their consistency.



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