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Common Name: Alkanet RootINCI Name: Alkanna Tinctoria. Origin: Pakistan. Description: Darkish red, dried roots or rootlets.Suggested use: Infuse the roots in oil for a dark red/burgundy colour that can be used in soap and other formulations. Try mixing with red clay for a richer colour. ....
Common Name: Annatto SeedsINCI Name: Bixa OrellanaOrigin: PeruDescription: Bright rusty coloured seeds.Suggestion for use: Infuse in oil (any vegetable oil) over a 'Bain Marie' for a deep orange  oil to colour your soap dark yellow/orange.
Common Name: Bay Leaf, Hand Selected.INCI Name: Pimenta Acris.Origin: Turkey. Description: Hand selected, pale green dried leaves. Suggestions for Use: Pot Pourri, decoration.
Common Name: Beet Root Powder. INCI Name: Beta Vulgaris. Origin: Germany. Description: Deep red powdered beetroot.Suggestions for use: Infuse in oil over a 'Bain Marie' for a deep pink or purple coloured oil that can be use to colour soap, creams, lotions, lip balms, bath salts and bombs. .......
Common Name: Benzoin GumINCI Name: Styrax Benzoin GumSuggestions for Use: Use as additive to soap. Benzoin acts as a natural preservative and anti-oxidant, also as a fragrance fixative.
Common Name: Poppy Seeds, BlueINCI Name: Papaver OrientaleOrigin: Turkey/AustraliaDescription: Very small, dark blue seeds.Suggestions for Use: Use a tablespoon per kilo of soap for a beautiful exfoliating bar.
Common Name: Marigold. INCI Name: Calendula Officinalis. Origin: Egypt. Description: Bright yellow and orange 15 - 25 mm long petals.Suggestions for Use: Looks beautiful with rose petals and lemon verbena leaves in pot pourri. Marigold petals have excellent toning properties, when used in bath bags or facial steams. When added to soap the petals keep their wonderful colour. You can also use them as decoration in Bath salts products. ..........
Common Name: Cardamom PodsDescription: Whole bright green dried pods with a wonderful aroma Suggestions for Use: Use in pot pourri to add colour and aroma.
Common Name: Cayenne Pepper Powder. INCI Name: Capsicum Frutescens. Origin: India. Description: Orange Powder.Suggestions for Use: Natural Colourant - adds a gorgeous salmon colour to soap. Infuse in oil or add directly to product. .........
Common Name: Chamomile Flowers INCI Name: Chamomilla Recutita.Origin: EgyptDescription: Dried flower heads.Suggestions for Use: Chamomile is commonly recognised for for its soothing properties for both mind and body. Use these lovely flowerheads in pot pourri for their calming aroma or make a relaxing bath bags by mixing with lavender flowers in a muslin bag.
Common Name: Cinnamon PowderINCI Name: Cinnamomum CassiaOrigin: Sri Lanka. Description: Powdered BarkSuggestion for Use: Use as a colourant in soap for a beige to medium brown (2 tablespoons per kilo soap). Cinnamon powder also gives the soap a lovely scent believed to reduce stress.
Common Name: Cinnamon Quills/SticksINCI Name: Cinnamomum CassiaOrigin: Sri Lanka Description: 6 - 8 inches  long, dried, curled inner bark of trees belonging to the Cinnamomum species. Authentic Cinnamon quills imported direct from the cinnamon plantation in Sti Lanka. Suggestions for use: Use in pot pourri for decoration and its fragrance...... ...........
Common Name: Comfrey LeavesINCI Name: Symphytum OfficinaleOrigin: HungaryDescription: Dried, cut, green leaves.Suggestions for Use: Infuse and add to creams and lotions to soften the skin. Comfrey contains allantoin, a protein that helps cell renewal. Alternatively infuse 275gr of the dried herb in 570ml of boiled water, leave for 10 minutes, strain and add to a bath for a healing herbal bath.
Common Name: Eucalyptus Leaves. INCI Name: Eucalyptus Globulus - Origin: Spain - Description: Dried, cut leaves - Suggestions for Use: Very attractive for use in pot pourri or decoration. Use in bath bags for a soothing bath. ......
Common Name: Frankincense Resin Gum. INCI Name: Boswellia carterii. Origin: Puntland (Somalia). Description: Resin Beads from the tears of the Olibanum tree. Suggestions for Use: Burn in an incense burner for a lovely, exotic aroma. ......
Common Name: Green Tea INCI Name: Camillia SinensisOrigin: ChinaDescription: Dried leavesSuggestions for Use: Green Tea Leaves is useful in skincare for its stimulating and antioxidant properties. Use in soaps and bath bags or infuse and use in skincare products.
Common Name: Heather Flowers Pink. INCI Name: Calluna Vulgaris. Origin: Czech Republic. Description: Small round violet buds with green parts, and with a delicate scent. Suggestions for Use: Soap, Pot Pourri, bath bags. Suitable for Vegetarian, Vegan and Kosher applications. Wih a particle size of 2mm, you will find a little goes a very long way. ......
Common Name: Horsetail Herb. INCI Name: Equisetum Arvense. Origin: Poland. Description: Olive to Dark green dried, cut herb. Suggestions for Use: Infuse in Sweet Almond Oil and use in soaps for its supposed skin healing properties. .....
Common Name: Irish Moss, Carrageen Moss. INCI Name: Chondrus Crispus. Origin: Ireland. Description: Cut fronds of reddish and golden moss-like seaweed.Suggestions for use: Irish Moss has skin-softening properties and will work well in bath-salts and bath bags. ..........
Common Name: Jasmine Petals. INCI Name: Jasminum Officinalis. Origin: India. Description: Aromatic, creamy white petals.Suggestions for Use: Use in a bath bag or pot pourri for their lovely fragrance.Due to concerns about trace Pesticide contamination, these flowers must only be used for decorative purposes, and NEVER used for food products, or infused Tea's. e .....
Common Name: Lavender BudsINCI Name: Lavandula AngustifoliaOrigin: FranceDescription: Blue/Grey tiny, aromatic buds.Suggestions for Use: These wonderfully aromatic buds are ideal for use in pot pourri and linen sachets or use in bath bags for a nice, relaxing bath.
Common Name: Lemon Peel ChunksDescription: Pale yellow/cream chunks of aromatic lemon peel. 5-8mm in size.Suggestions for Use: Use in pot pourri for the wonderful, refreshing fragrance.
Common Name: LemongrassINCI Name: Cymbopogon CitratusOrigin: ThailandDescription: Green, flat cut blades (6mm) with a strong lemon zest aroma.Suggestions for Use: Use in bath, teas or scented sachets. Can be added to soaps for a natural look. Great for adding to scrubs,lotions,candles......
Common Name: Madder RootINCI Name: Rubica TinctoriaOrigin: IranDescription: Cut rootSuggestions for Use: Infuse in distilled water over heat for at least 1/2 hour, strain and leave to cool. Use to colour soap an orange/red.
Common Name: Mango Fruit Powder. INCI Name:Mangifera Indica. Amchur powder (Mango powder) is made from sun dried raw unripe mangoes. Gives your product a slight zest / tang. Contains Vitamins A / C. Great for skincare packs and moisturising lotion bases. Customers have used this ingredient in Face packs blended with Green Clay and Aloe and Seaweed Gel. ........
Common Name: Myrrh Resin Beads INCI Name: Commiphora Myrrha Origin: Puntland (Somalia). Description: Golden brown resin beads.Suggestions for Use: Burn in an incense burner for a wonderfully exotic aroma. .............
Common Name: Nettle LeavesINCI Name: Urtica DioicaOrigin: PolandDescription: Dark green, dried, cut leaves.Suggestions for use: Infuse and use in skin preparations and soap, particularly useful for oily skin.
Common Name: Olive LeavesINCI Name: Olea EuropaeaOrigin: SpainDescription: Dried, attractively curled leaves.Suggestions for Use: Olive leaves look beautiful in pot pourri or as decoration.
Common Name: Orange FlowersDescription: Pale orange petals.Suggestions for use: Pot Pourri
Common Name: Orange Peel ChunksDescription: 5-8mm chunks of aromatic orange peel. Cream and orange in colour.Suggestions for Use: Use in pot pourri to add colour and fragrance.
Common Name: Orange SlicesINCI Name: Citrus Aurantium DulcisOrigin: South AfricaDescription: Dried orange slices.Suggestions for Use: Looks good in pot pourri and for any decoration.
Common Name: Orris RootINCI Name: Iris FlorentinaOrigin: Hungary. Description:  Light brown powder, with a sweet violet scent.Suggestions for Use: Orris root is used as a fixative in making pot pourri - use 1 tablespoon per cup of leaves and flowers.   .........
Common Name: Paprika. INCI Name: Capsicum Annuum. Origin: Spain. Description: Orange Powder. Suggestions for Use: Natural Colourant - adds a rich peach colour to soap. Infuse in oil or add directly to product.
Common Name: Patchouli  Leaves.INCI Name: Pogostemon CablinOrigin: IndiaDescription: Dried leaves with an intense woody fragrance.Suggestions for Use: Keep dried patchouli leaves in cupboards, where linen is stored to repel moth and other insects. As an added bonus Patchouli is said to attract money and prosperity!
Common Name: Rose BudsINCI Name: Rosa GallicaOrigin: IranDescription: 10-12mm buds with the green base and sun dried pink tips of closed petals, with characteristic rose aroma.Suggestions for Use: Looks beautiful in pot pourri or for any sort of decoration. .......
Common Name: Raspberry Seeds, IrradiatedINCI Name: Rubus IdaeusDescription: Pink/light tan seeds of irregular shape.Suggestions for Use: Use as a scrub agent or for visual effect in soap.Comment: This material is sterilised by irradiation at 20Kgy.
Common Name: Rose PetalsINCI Name: Rosa GallicaOrigin: IndiaDescription: Aromatic dark red/burgundy dried petals.Suggestions for Use: Use these wonderfully fragrant petals in pot pourri, bath bombs, Bath salt blends or wedding favours. All sizes packed in resealable bags. ......
Common Name: Rosehip PowderINCI Name: Rosa CaninaDescription: Cream or light mustard colour. Suggestions for Use: Natural colourant. Good as colourant for soaps.
Common Name: Rosehip, Fine CutINCI Name: Rosa CaninaDescription: Dark orangey red granulesSuggestions for Use: Natural colourant. Good as colourant for soaps. Also acts as an exfoliant.
Rosehip (Rosa Canina) and Hibiscus (Hibiscus Sabdariffa) fine cut mix.
Common Name: Safflower PetalsINCI Name: Carthamus TinctoriusOrigin: ChinaDescription: Dark red/orange dried petals.Suggestions for Use: Use these beautiful petals to add a splash of colour to pot pourri or bath salts. Infuse in oil for the most beautiful delicate red colouring.
Common Name: Sandalwood ChippingsINCI Name: Santalum AlbumOrigin: IndiaDescription: Orange/Brownish ChippingsSuggestions for Use: Natural Colourant, Looks great in Pot Pourri
Common Name: Spinach Powder. INCI Name: Spinacia Oleracea. Origin: Germany. Description: Light green powder. Suggestions for Use: Natural Colourant - adds a gorgeous green colour to soap. Infuse in oil or add directly to product. ............
Common name: Spirulina Powder. INCI Name: Spirulina maxima Origin: ChinaDescription: green powderSuggestions for Use: Natural colourant, use for light to dark green in soap making. Very Popular in Face Masks and skin regenerating creams. ........
Common Name: Turmeric PowderINCI Name: Curcuma LongaSuggestion for Use: Turmeric is commonly used for its antiseptic properties. We suggest you use it for colouring your soap a beautiful bright yellow. ............
Common Name: Rose Buds Yellow. INCI Name: Rosa Gallica. Origin: Iran. Description: 10-12mm buds with the green base and sun dried Yellow / Golden tips of closed petals, with characteristic rose aroma.Suggestions for Use: Looks beautiful in pot pourri or for any sort of decoration.
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04150 Alkanet Root Cut
04153 Annatto Seeds
04220 Bay Leaves, Hand Selected
04154 Beetroot Powder
04236 Benzoin Gum
04155 Blue Poppy Seeds
04181 Calendula / Marigold Petals
04231 Cardamom Pods
04223 Cayenne Pepper Powder
04156 Chamomile Flowers
04157 Cinnamon Powder Ground
04158 Cinnamon Quills/Sticks
04160 Comfrey Leaves Fine Cut
04164 Eucalyptus Leaves Cut
04207 Frankincense Resin Beads
04168 Green Tea Sencha Leaves Cut
04219 Heather Flowers Pink
04224 Horsetail Herb
04171 Irish Moss Cut
04173 Jasmine Flowers
04175 Lavender Flowers
04232 Lemon Peel Chunks
04176 Lemongrass Dried
04179 Madder Root
04180 Mango Fruit Powder
04209 Myrrh Gum Resin
04215 Nettle Leaves
04186 Olive Leaves Dried
04187 Orange Flower Petals
04233 Orange Peel Chunks
04211 Orange Slices Dried
04188 Orris Root Powder
04222 Paprika Powder
04190 Patchouli Leaves Dried
04210 Pink Rose Buds
07235 Raspberry Seeds
04195 Red Rose Petals
04237 Rosehip Powder
04196 Rosehip, Fine Cut
04197 Rosehip/Hibiscus Mix
04216 Safflower Petals
04199 Sandalwood Chippings
04226 Spinach Powder
04201 Spirulina Powder
04235 Turmeric Powder
04255 Yellow Rose Buds


New in from Stephensons, we now stock the following in addition to our existing range:- Melt and Pour RSPO Palm and Melt and Pour Jelly Soap.


Now on stock and Certified Organic by the Soil Association,Certified Organic Cold Emulsifier is based on Sweet Almond Oil and is recommended for use with vegetable oils to obtain clear oily gels. It can also be used to make milks, lotions and creams by adding an oil phase followed by a water phase. The advantages of Certified Organic AOF are:-

  • Vegetable origin
  • Easy to use
  • Safe and mild
  • Cold process
  • Preservative free
  • Unique textures
  • 94% Organic version available
  • Emulsifier and oil thickener

We also stock Sucragel AOF conventional and Sucragel AP


In addition to our Monoi de Tahiti Gardenia, We now have Monoi de Tahiti Coconut, Monoi de Tahiti Ylang, and Monoi de Tahiti Frangipani, and Monoi de Tahiti Vanilla available from stock. All imported direct from the manufacturer in Tahiti.

CETEARYL GLUCOSIDE (NATURAL EMULSIFYING WAX) This corn and coconut derived NATURAL emulsifier is produced using ecologically-friendly principles, without the use of chemicals or solvents.
It helps bind moisturisers together and maintain their consistency.



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