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Welcome to the The Soapmakers Store


How to Use

  1. Please read this section, which will help you understand how the website works.
  2. Next try each Navigation Bar and Site Toolbar device to familiarise yourself with the different pages and the products we offer.
  3. Follow on with some shopping.
  4. Finally click on the Yellow Star in the Site Toolbar device, making it faster to access the Soapmakers Store in the future.

The website has been organised into:

  • Buying Pages, Guide Pages and Text Pages.
  • Banner Heading containing the page title.
  • Contact Bar with Telephone No., Fax No. and E-mail address below the Banner.
  • Site Tool Bar with five devices below the Contact Bar.
  • Navigation Bar with 16 buttons in 3 groups down the right-hand side of the page.
  • Page Turning device on most Buying Pages.




Buying Pages display products, enable you to obtain product facts, select items, check prices and buy.
Guide Pages display product subgroups for you to select, which will open a Buying Page for that subgroup.
Text Pages display information.

Site Toolbar Contains five devices:

'Help' when selected opens these pages.
'Basket' keeps a tally of the items you have in your shopping basket.
'Checkout' when selected displays all the items you have bought, their prices, your total, delivery charges and VAT. Number of items can be increased, reduced or deleted before making payment.
'Print' select to print out the page on display.
'Add to Favourites' when selected adds Soapmakers Store website to your own list.

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